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Book recommendations for gifted kids now on

October 15, 2018 Leave a comment

Recently, I met with a group of teachers and media specialists to talk about helping advanced readers find great books — books that are appropriate for a child’s reading ability, but that don’t contain content the child might not be ready for.

It’s a classic “asynchronous development” issue: A child’s academic reading level may be several grades ahead, but their social and emotional development is still tied to their chronological age.

Before I go any further, I have to say a word about reading levels and book choices. I believe that children should get to pick at least some of what they read, even if it’s below their tested reading level. A very advanced third grader can still enjoy the comedic wordplay of Amelia Bedelia, and they shouldn’t be denied the chance to do so, even though the book is written on a second-grade level.

That said, if a second grader is reading at a fourth-grade level, they often want to dig into something more challenging than Henry and Mudge. (Nothing against Henry and Mudge, mind you. They’re very charming books.)

To help, I’ve added a new page to, called Books for Gifted Readers, where you can find a list of suggested books. The initial list is made up of books that my own kids have read and enjoyed. You can help grow this resource by sending me the titles and authors of books you recommend. Please use the contact form on the Books page to send me your suggestions.

Happy reading!

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