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GiftedAtlanta.com is a non-commercial, not-for-profit web site serving the gifted community in Atlanta. This site is devoted to helping feed gifted children’s hunger for learning, both in school and beyond the schoolhouse.

In school, gifted children need special services designed to fit their learning style. This site provides parents and caregivers information about the gifted programs in metro Atlanta school systems, including public school choices that may be appropriate for gifted children.

Beyond school, most gifted children have at least one area of intense curiosity, far exceeding what is covered in even the best school program. This site guides parents and caregivers to the wealth of opportunities for enrichment in and around the metro Atlanta area.

Finally, this site can help transform parents and caregivers from being advocates just for their own children, to speaking up for the needs of all gifted children.

I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you find something that helps you in the amazing journey of raising a gifted child.

– Dori

GiftedAtlanta.com is run entirely by me, the mother of two gifted children. Content is selected at my discretion. I never accept any payment for posting material to this site. I do my best to keep all information accurate and current. If you find broken links or misinformation, please let me know so I can make corrections.

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