Cobb County Schools

The Cobb County School District serves gifted students through its Advanced Learning Programs Department. Their web site offers detailed information about referrals, testing, and delivery of gifted services. Here’s an overview:

Who gets tested for gifted services?

All students are automatically considered for gifted services in kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 8th grades, based on their scores on standardized tests given in those grades.

A student can also be referred for evaluation at any time by their teachers, parents or guardians, or others involved in their education. The student can even refer themselves for consideration. Referral forms are available at the local school. It’s important to know that making a referral of this kind doesn’t guarantee the student will be tested for gifted services.

How are students tested?

Students are given a series of tests that evaluate mental ability, achievement, creativity and motivation. The school’s gifted eligibility committee makes decisions based on those tests.

If you’d like to know more about the referral and testing process, you can watch this 12-minute video produced by the Advanced Learning Programs Department. You can also find detailed information in the Gifted Learner Services section of the Advanced Learning Programs Department page.

How are gifted students served?

Elementary school students take part in a pull-out program, called Target. In middle and high school, students receive gifted services by taking advanced or AP classes.

What’s the policy on whole grade acceleration?

Cobb County Public Schools has a formal policy governing above-grade acceleration (grade skipping). Parents, teachers or administrators can request acceleration. Decisions are made by the local school administration, overseen by the county’s advanced learning staff.

What other options might be good for gifted students?

The Advanced Learning Programs Department also oversees the school system’s magnet programs. The magnet schools of Cobb County School District are:

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) magnet program, at Campbell High School in Smyrna. The IB Programme is a widely known, rigorous curriculum which culminates in earning an IB certificate or diploma. Many colleges will grant sophomore status to incoming students who hold an IB diploma. Students can apply for the school during the fall of their 8th grade year, to enter as freshmen.
  • The Academy of Mathematics, Science & Technology, housed at Kennesaw Mountain High School. Students progress through their math and science courses at an accelerated rate, giving them the opportunity to take advanced courses not usually offered in high school. Juniors and seniors concentrate on a particular field of interest, and seniors complete an internship with a local college, professional group or business. Students can apply to the school in 8th grade, to enroll as freshmen.
  • The Academy of Research and Medical Sciences, at South Cobb High School in Austell. Students can choose either research or medical science as their track of study. Students get a strong foundation in chemistry, biology, math and technology, taking core classes modeled after the Cobb County honors curriculum. Students progress through the coursework at an accelerated rate, giving them the opportunity to take courses beyond those found in traditional high schools. Seniors take an advanced scientific research course and complete a field experience with a local medical professional, college or business. Students can apply to the school during their 8th-grade year, to enroll as freshmen.
  • The Center for Advanced Studies in Science, Math and Technology, located at Wheeler High School in Marietta. In just two years, students finish what is the four-year science curriculum at a traditional school. With the core science classes completed, students can take advanced classes, some of which are taught through a collaboration with Georgia Tech. Seniors complete an internship and a math or science research project. Students can apply during their 8th grade year, to enroll as freshmen.
  • North Cobb School for International Studies emphasizes global thinking as students learn about politics, culture and science. Students are expected to take advanced classes, to participate in extracurricular activities and service learning, and to complete a senior project and presentation.
  • Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts, located at Pebblebrook High School in Mableton. Students can major in voice, dance or drama, although “double majors” are common. Students spend two hours per day in classical training in their major area of study. The school holds auditions every spring for rising 9th graders and at any time for potential transfer students.

A special note for Marietta residents
If you live within the Marietta city limits, you are served by Marietta City Schools.

This page was updated on Jan. 2, 2020. If you find errors in the links or the information presented, please submit a correction using the Contact page on this site. Thank you.

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