(City of) Atlanta Public Schools

Gifted services in Atlanta Public Schools are coordinated through the Office of Gifted and Talented Education. Their web site has detailed information about referrals, testing, and gifted services. Here’s an overview:

Who gets tested for gifted services?

1. Automatic referrals. APS will automatically test students who score in the  top 10 to 15 percent of Georgia Milestones exams or other standardized tests.

2. Classroom referrals. During the fall semester, teachers observe students, noting whether they show signs of giftedness.

3. Parent referrals. Parents can request that their children be evaluated for gifted services. This request has to be submitted to the local school during the first two months of the school year.

4. “Second Look” students. In August, a team of teachers at each school reviews the data for students who were previously tested for gifted services but didn’t qualify. They look for other testing instruments that might give a better result so the student can qualify.

See complete information on the screening process that determines who gets tested. (PDF)

How are students tested?

Students take the gifted eligibility tests between December and February. These tests evaluate them for achievement, mental ability, motivation, and creativity. See what tests are used. (PDF)

Who gets in?

APS has two routes for students to qualify for gifted services.

A) High scores on achievement (standardized test scores) and mental ability (similar to an IQ test).

B) Excellence in three out of four categories: mental ability, achievement, motivation and creativity.

View complete information about eligibility criteria. (PDF)

Eligibility results come back in May. Because the school year is almost over at that point, some students may not start to receive gifted services until the next school year.

How are gifted services delivered?

In elementary school, students may be served in small groups within their classroom, or in a separate classroom. In middle school, students are placed in gifted versions of academic classes. In high school, gifted services come in the form of AP, honors, International Baccalaureate (IB) or other advanced classes.

See more information about service models.

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