A scholarship that pays high-school tuition

January 15, 2023 Leave a comment

Applications are now open for the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship, a merit-based, need-blind scholarship that pays high-school tuition for outstanding students.

Students apply when they are in seventh grade, which means the application is now open for students in the high school graduating class of 2028.

Selections are announced when the students begin eighth grade. During the eighth-grade year, the selected scholars will research and apply to schools that will best suit them, with support from the scholarship team.

Established in 2002, the Caroline D. Bradley Scholarship can be used for private schools, boarding schools, parochial schools, homeschool hybrids, early college, and other types of schools. Students who currently attend a private school that continues beyond eighth grade may apply; however, the scholarship administrators will ask that they research and consider other high-school options.

You can learn more about the scholarship and the application process by attending an online webinar on February 6 or March 13. See the scholarship’s How to Apply page for details.

Applications are due on April 17, 2023. The application requires letters of recommendation and essays, so it’s best to get an early start.

Parenting group for adults raising gifted children

January 8, 2023 Leave a comment

Along with their intellectual abilities and academic advancement, gifted children often have particular social and emotional characteristics, such as perfectionism, idealism and intensity.

SENG parent groups provide a support network for parents and caregivers of gifted and twice-exceptional children, where they can discuss and explore their children’s development. (SENG stands for Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted.)

A new SENG group is launching in the Atlanta area in February. The eight-week program will be led by licensed social worker Dr. Deborah Lathrop and Laura Neher, a former aerospace engineer who is now a master’s student at UGA, studying gifted education.

The SENG group will meet on Wednesday evenings in Sandy Springs, beginning February 8, 2023. A registration fee of $150 covers enrollment for one or two caregivers.

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Online math circle group for girls

December 21, 2022 Leave a comment

A group of female high-school students in New Jersey has issued an open invitation to girls in grades 4 through 9 who want to do more math.

Lovelace Math Circle is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring more girls into STEM fields. Their teachers, who are high school students, teach a mix of subjects, some that focus on topics typically taught in school, and others that prepare students for math competitions.

The Google form linked above directs prospective students to a problem set that will help them determine whether they would be a good candidate for a competition class.

Registration for the winter session is open now through January 6, 2023, with classes beginning on January 7. All classes are free. They meet 45 minutes per week, online, in the evenings.

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Georgia Tech will hold January workshops for grades 2-12

December 20, 2022 Leave a comment

Registration is open for K.I.D.S. Club and STEAM Workshop sessions being held Saturday, January 14 at Georgia Tech.

K.I.D.S. Club is open to students in grades 2 through 5. Topics for 2nd and 3rd graders this session are architecture, “TinkerLab” and 3-D art storytelling. For students in grades 4 and 5, there are two tracks to choose from. One track will study water safety and computer animation with Scratch; the other will learn about DNA and build racers.

STEAM Workshops are for students in grades 6 through 12. For grades 6 to 8, track one will learn about bacteria and biodegradable plastics; track two will spend the full three hours learning about gardening in the time of climate change. Grades 9 through 12 will use 3-D modeling to design a sustainable home.

Cost to attend is $65 per student. Need-based scholarships, funded by the Georgia Department of Education, are available. Visit the CEISMC BOOST Scholarship page to learn more about scholarship eligibility and submit an application.

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Summer programs, already?

December 9, 2022 Leave a comment

It’s not even the end of the year, and I’m already getting emails from summer camps for the 2023 season. It feels early to be thinking about summer, but for many programs, registration will open in January, so it isn’t too soon to explore what’s out there and prepare to apply to highly sought after programs.

I’ve just updated the Summer Programs page on the website, to make sure all the links are working and all the programs I’ve listed are still operating. I hope you’ll find this helpful in your search for a summer program your child will love.

If you know of a program that would be a good addition to my list, or if you find any errors in the list, please reach out through the Contact page. Thanks.

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Georgia Tech invites high-school students to enter statistics competition

November 25, 2022 Leave a comment

Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial and Systems Engineering is holding a probability and statistics competition for high-school students. Prizes will include formal recognition and scholarships to Georgia Tech’s Mission Possible Camp.

To qualify, students must have completed AP Statistics.

The first round of the competition will be held online on December 9, 2022. The registration deadline is December 1.

For those who advance, the second round will be March 17, 2023, at Georgia Tech.

For students interested generally in industrial engineering, the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering has other outreach programs for K-12 students, including the opportunity to attend a class, tour the campus, and meet current students. Like the competition, the campus visit program is open to students who have completed AP Statistics.

Citizen science: Joro spiders

October 10, 2022 Leave a comment

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know I love recommending citizen science projects for gifted kids. This week, your kids can become citizen researchers for the University of Georgia’s Joro Spider Spotting Contest.

Joro spiders are native to Asia. They came to the United States in 2014. You can recognize them by their large size, bright coloring, and expansive webs, which may be in trees or between power lines.

Anytime a species is introduced to a new place, scientists want to know what effect it will have on the ecosystem. As part of their studies of the Joro spider, entomologists want to learn more about how many there are and how far they’ve spread geographically. Since the spiders are relatively easy to spot and recognize, it’s a perfect opportunity to call in citizen scientists.

To participate in the Joro Spider Spotting Contest, you’ll go out looking for spiders. If you see one, you’ll take a photo and submit it, either through the Joro Watch website or through the EddMAPs App, available on iOS or Android. You’ll report where you see Joro spiders, as well as where you look but don’t find any, as both of these are important for scientists to know. Visit jorowatch.com for detailed instructions.

The Joro Spider Spotting Contest will run through Saturday, Oct. 15.

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DeKalb to offer MAP testing for private- and home-schooled students applying to high achiever magnets

September 16, 2022 Leave a comment

DeKalb County School District will offer MAP Assessment testing in October and November for students not currently enrolled in a county public school who want to apply to one of the county’s high achiever magnet schools for the 2023-24 school year.

Testing is open to students who live in DeKalb County and who currently attend homeschool or a private school. Registration is open now and will close on Sept. 23, 2022.

It’s important to know that not all students who achieve a qualifying MAP test score will be able to enroll in a high achiever magnet school. These schools consistently draw more applicants than they have room for. All applicants who meet the qualifications will be entered into a lottery and available seats at each school will be filled by random selection.

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Emory Math Circle registering for fall 2022

September 4, 2022 Leave a comment

The Math Circle program at Emory University is now registering for its fall 2022 classes, which will be a mix of online and in-person sessions.

Math Circle is a free enrichment program for middle-school and high-school kids who are fascinated by mathematics and who want to explore math topics beyond what’s taught in the typical classroom. Classes meet twice a month on Saturdays. In-person classes begin this Saturday, September 10.

High school class sections will be held in person, on the Emory campus. Students must show proof of vaccination (including a booster shot). Masks are optional, in accordance with Emory policy.

Middle-school students can choose between in-person sections, with the same vaccination requirements as above, or Zoom sections.

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Creative problem solving program “Destination Imagination” returns to Georgia

August 29, 2022 2 comments

Destination Imagination (DI) is back in Georgia after a two-year hiatus. In the DI program, teams of kids work together on challenges that require a combination of technical, artistic and performance skills, although some challenges lean more toward scientific aspects, where others incorporate more of the arts.

A hallmark of DI is encouraging kids to tackle problems for themselves. Each team has one or more team managers, who can be teachers or parents, but these managers are primarily facilitators who help the team work together to learn new skills and come up with solutions. All the ideas and all the work must come from the team members themselves. In my experience, when this is done right, the kids surprise everyone — including their parents and themselves — with how self-sufficient and creative they can be.

DI is open to kids from kindergarten through college, with the challenges tailored to various ages. Teams typically form now, at the start of the school year. In the early spring, teams compete (against others of similar age) in a state tournament, usually held in the metro Atlanta area. Teams that win at the state tournament have the opportunity to go to D.I. Global Finals, an international event that will be held in May 2023 in Kansas City, MO.

I was a team manager with the DI program for many years, and both of my kids participated on teams. I absolutely endorse this program, and I recommend it ahead of the very similar Odyssey of the Mind program, even though Odyssey is the more popular program in Georgia. If you want to know more about my experiences or get some tips, send me a note through the Contact page of this website and I’ll be glad to set up a phone call with you.

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