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FIRST technology competitions gearing up

The new school year means a new season for US FIRST, which organizes technology and robotics competitions for kids ages 6-18. Kids compete in four different divisions:

  • Junior FIRST LEGO League, for ages 6-9 (grades K-3)
  • FIRST LEGO League, for ages 9-14 (grades 4-8)
  • FIRST Tech Challenge, for high school students
  • FIRST Robotics Competition, for high school students

In the primary program, teams build structures from LEGO bricks. In the rest of the programs, kids design and build robots from LEGO products or kits.

Registration is open now for all but the Robotics competition by visiting the US FIRST web site. (The robotics registration will open soon.) I don’t see any teams listed on the site for the DeKalb County area, so this might be one of those cases where one or more interested parents would need to recruit members and start a team. If you know of any DeKalb teams that are accepting members, please let me know and I’ll post it here.

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