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Does your child qualify for Duke TIP?

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Many moons ago, when I was a DeKalb County Schools student,  my Discovery teacher informed us about Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program), which was still in its nascent stages. Today, Duke TIP has grown into one of the premier enrichment programs in the Southeast for gifted youngsters.

Yet when I posted an item recently about an upcoming TIP Scholars weekend at the University of Georgia, I wondered whether our schools are still actively promoting the program to parents.

If you have a 7th grade student and no one has mentioned Duke TIP Talent Search to you yet, you should take steps on your own to enroll in the talent search. To qualify for the search, your child must have scored in the 95th percentile or above on a standardized achievement test (such as CogAT, CRCT or ITBS) in their 5th or 6th grade year. If they meet this requirement, you’ll pay a $70 fee and sign them up to take the SAT or ACT and have their scores sent to TIP.

All students who participate will receive some benefits from the TIP program; those with exceptional scores on the college entrance exams can earn special recognition and the privilege of attending summer programs on the Duke University campus.

Application deadlines are Oct. 12 (by mail) or Oct. 19 (online) if you want your child to take the SAT or ACT in December. If you’re not quite ready, there are later deadlines for taking the SAT or ACT in the winter.

Complete information is available at the TIP web site.

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