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Emory will host summer programs for gifted kids ages 6 and up

The leaves aren’t even off the trees yet, but somehow we’ve entered the application season for summer programs for 2011.

The Summer Institute for the Gifted is now taking applications for all of its programs, which range from day camps for elementary-age students to residential experiences for middle- and high-school kids.

Emory University is a host site this summer, which opens up a whole array of options for us local folks. Kids as young as 6 can attend a three-week day camp on campus. Older kids (ages 10-17) can live at Emory in the residential program or attend as commuter students, going to camp during the day and coming home at night.

Make no mistake: This camp is pricey. The day camp for little kids is $2,000 for three weeks. But the sad truth is, when it comes to finding camps for the gifted that will take kids as young as 6, there aren’t that many local options. As for the residential program, it’s $4,400. The commuter option will cut your fees roughly in half (to $2,500); however, commuter students miss out on evening and weekend social events — and from what I’ve read, the social aspect of this camp for the gifted is almost as important as the academic component.

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