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Local SENG leaders plan coffee, classes for parents

For some gifted children, being ahead of the pack brings with it certain struggles, such as perfectionism, social awkwardness and emotional sensitivity. SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) aims to raise awareness of these challenges and to help parents, teachers and caregivers better support gifted children.

Two local SENG facilitators, Kathy Courchene and Muriel Knope, are hosting an informal conversation with parents of gifted children on Sunday, Aug. 21, from 2-4 p.m. at the Atlanta Bread Company in Dunwoody. They also are planning another session of evening classes for parents, to begin in mid-September. (More information as I get it.)

Unrelated to these local events, SENG has produced a free e-book, “The Joy and the Challenge: Parenting Gifted Children,” which touches on topics including identifying giftedness, underachievement, twice exceptional children, depression in gifted youth, and advocacy. You can download the publication as a PDF or in other formats compatible with most e-readers.

If you have questions about SENG, the upcoming meeting, or the parenting classes, contact Muriel Knope at knope – at – mindspring – dot – com (e-mail address deconstructed to curb spam; rebuild it to contact her).

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