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Registration open for Ben Carson Academy at Morehouse School of Medicine

It’s open season again to apply to Ben Carson Academy, a program on Saturday mornings for elementary and middle-school children, held at Morehouse School of Medicine.

The academy exposes kids to science and math, and health care careers. The Academy also has a socio-cultural aspect that’s designed to engage the Black student. For example, students learn about African-American contributions to medicine and participate in African dance. However, the program is not limited to minority students.

One advantage of enrolling your child at Ben Carson Academy is that it may put them on a path to someday be selected for the Vivien Thomas Summer Program, in which high-school students can work as apprentices in biomedical research labs at Morehouse.

The web site is still showing last year’s program dates, and I’m afraid they didn’t answer the phone or respond to my e-mail asking for the correct dates. But, chances are it runs from October to November, as before. The application deadline is Aug. 31.

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