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Brenau University in Gainesville now offers early college for young women

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Exciting news for parents of high-school girls who are ready to tackle college academics:

Brenau University will open its Early College Academy in fall 2012 to rising 11th and 12th graders. Young women admitted to the academy will take college-level courses which will count toward both their high-school graduation requirements and a college degree.

Students who complete the two-year program, beginning in what would be their junior year of high school, can earn their high-school diploma and an associate of arts degree. (Those who start in their senior year of high school will earn their diploma and one year of college credits.) The credits can serve as the start of a full bachelor’s degree program at Brenau, or can be transferred toward a degree at most colleges or universities.

Early College Academy is part of the Women’s College, and that’s part of what I love about this opportunity. First, research has shown that bright young women feel more comfortable using their full range of talents in all-female environments. And second, I like the idea of giving a high-school-aged girl access to college without throwing her into a world of — pardon me for saying it bluntly, but — college boys.

I also like that Brenau will let Early College students take honors sections of classes, which is ideal for gifted students.

The young women in the program can live in a residence hall that’s just for Early College students, or can commute to the campus, located in Gainesville.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the Early College web site or contact the director of the academy, Lenna Applebee, either by e-mail or by calling (770) 534-6286.

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