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AJC reporter broadens his request for parents of gifted kids

Yesterday, I posted a request from Ty Tagami, a reporter at the AJC. He’s working on a story about gifted education in metro Atlanta schools.

He contacted me last night and asked to expand his request. He wants to hear from anyone who has an opinion about gifted education in metro Atlanta. He is most concerned with how parents feel their school’s gifted program stacks up against its general education program. In light of that, the ideal source for his story would be a parent who has at least one child participating in gifted classes, along with another child who is in the general education program at the same public school.

Also helpful would be parents whose children entered the gifted program relatively late in their school careers, or parents who have kids in the gifted program but are familiar with the general education program by their own in-school observation.

He would also be interested to talk with parents who left the public school system because they were unsatisfied with their child’s education, whether that was in the gifted program or the general program.

You can reach Ty at ttagami at ajc dot com (reconstruct the address to use it).


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