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My mistake. Lunar eclipse was last night.


I have to apologize for the error in my recent post about the lunar eclipse. It is not tonight / tomorrow morning, but rather took place early this morning, a few hours ago.

My understanding is that because the skies were overcast last night, there was no available viewing in our night sky here in Atlanta, so in the end, visitors to Tellus were not able to see the eclipse through the telescopes, only through videos shot elsewhere. Still, it’s always my aim to be accurate, so I felt obliged to publish this correction.

Thanks for your understanding.

– Dori


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  1. angela.bolden@comcast.net
    April 15, 2014 at 10:50 am

    No problem.  Thanks for trying to keep us informed of what is happening in our area.  We all make mistakes.


    -Angela Bolden

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