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Emory Math Circle is for math-lovers, grades 6-12

Emory logoEmory Math Circle is a different kind of math enrichment program.

First, it’s not a class. It’s more of a club.

And second, its purpose isn’t to push students so they can take calculus when they’re 15. Rather, it’s a place where kids who enjoy math can explore mathematical concepts or topics in a way their math classes don’t, with games, puzzles, and in-depth problems to solve.

Math Circle is open to students in grades 6 to 12. Students are divided into two groups, based on their grade level and math experience.

The program meets on Saturday afternoons on the Emory campus. Groups are taught by Ph.D. students from the Emory Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

The next session of Math Circle will begin on Saturday, Jan. 30. Registration is open now, with new students accepted on a rolling basis, as space allows.

Not ready to commit to a whole semester of math enrichment? Check out the Julia Robinson Math Festival this Saturday, Jan. 23, at Emory. At this two-hour event, students can visit multiple stations where they’ll explore math problems and concepts, with guidance from mathematicians. It’s free, but advance registration is required.


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