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Kinase Academy gives young teens a start in scientific research

Kinase Academy offers programs for students in grades 6 through 9 who are interested in science and scientific research. Its next two programs (both virtual) are:

  • Pathway to STEM. This one-hour session connects young people with college students, who give them guidance about how to find mentors and pursue a college education and career in a STEM field. The program will be held March 27. Attendance is free, but advance registration is required.
  • Be a Cancer Researcher. In this four-week course, which will meet online twice each week, students will learn the basics of cancer biology and data research. Then, working in small teams under the leadership of a college-student mentor, they’ll learn how to access cancer patient data online and conduct their own research. The class begins April 6; application deadline is March 29.

Kinase Academy was founded by two cancer researchers at Emory University, and Emory students frequently serve as assistants in Kinase classes; however, the academy has no official connection to the university.

The program offers scholarships for students with financial need.

Executive director Jackie Valett welcomes your questions. Her email (deconstructed here to foil spambots) is jackie.valett AT emory DOT edu.

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