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Parenting group for adults raising gifted children

Along with their intellectual abilities and academic advancement, gifted children often have particular social and emotional characteristics, such as perfectionism, idealism and intensity.

SENG parent groups provide a support network for parents and caregivers of gifted and twice-exceptional children, where they can discuss and explore their children’s development. (SENG stands for Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted.)

A new SENG group is launching in the Atlanta area in February. The eight-week program will be led by licensed social worker Dr. Deborah Lathrop and Laura Neher, a former aerospace engineer who is now a master’s student at UGA, studying gifted education.

The SENG group will meet on Wednesday evenings in Sandy Springs, beginning February 8, 2023. A registration fee of $150 covers enrollment for one or two caregivers.

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